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Our partnerships with our manufacturers addresses many key areas of concern, including environmental sustainability. Together, our approach to "greening our products and processes" has evolved to practical applications that we are proud of. Many of our products have been recognized with numerous independent third party awards and ratings, including praise for environmental awareness and superior sustainability performance. In our pursuit of ecological awareness, addressed through our company and communities at large, we are setting goals and milestones in hopes of making a reduction of environmental burdens in our business activities.
Quality Retail Systems will strive to fulfill this "green" responsibility while customers will come to realize that product performance will help them to become more efficient, and will indicate a decline in operating costs in favor of a rise in bottom line profitability.

Many of our manufactured products lead the industry in environmental performance and are classified as "Green." These products represent a pioneering shift to advance sustainability, and are in line with our management philosophy that calls for a contribution to our customers, our community, and our society.


MICROS Enterprise Applications

Using MICROS enterprise applications significantly contribute to a company¿s sustainability, while cutting business expenses. Beyond the obvious reduction of the paper trail, power and supplies used for printing are conserved. Fuel and energy are spared as the need to print and ship weekly, monthly, and yearly reports is eliminated, as is the need to consistently travel to the store or hotel, as real-time business intelligence can be viewed anywhere, anytime via the internet. From web based enterprise applications to the web-based eLearning programs, MICROS has been developing methods to make its software solutions more environmentally friendly.

Kitchen Display Systems
- A paperless electronic order display system
- Electronically notifies the kitchen when a table is sat and when an order is placed, improving food quality
- Employees can train and test the system remotely, eliminating travel and expense
Signature Capture
- Stores receipts electronically, eliminating paper and labor required to scan the receipts
Web-based Reporting
- Reports can be retrieved and emailed anywhere there is an internet connection eliminating printing and shipping costs
- Night Reports for hotels can be emailed directly from the system eliminating waste
E-Folios, Electronic Confirmation, Scheduling
- Folios and reservation confirmations are emailed, eliminating the need to print and mail
- Facilities Management Task scheduling reduces waste by supporting creation and assignment of housekeeping tasks on a rotational, non-daily basis
Hosted Solutions
Hosted solutions operate from a central server in a Data Center, allowing businesses to maintain fewer computer servers and software applications on site. The ability for employees and employers to access the system via the web from any computer provides convenience while reducing the fuel and energy used for travel to the store or hotel. Paper waste is also drastically reduced, as virtual tools substitute for print-outs. Less equipment is required at each site, reducing the resources required to manufacture, package and ship the equipment. Besides providing a convenient, secure system, hosted applications improve operational efficiencies, as well as reduce paperwork. Most importantly, the solution allows businesses to shift their focus from managing technology to managing everyday operations.
a content rich Internet portal providing access to hosted applications for point-of-sale, back office, data warehousing, business intelligence, and other business applications and content
Integrates all aspects of labor including payroll pre-processing, human resources, forecasting, employee self service, and labor scheduling into a single application that provides near real-time access to employee and labor data
an easy-to-use and robust inventory application that provides purchasing, receiving, and stock management functionality, along with full recipe and product costing capabilities at either a single property or multiple outlets
OPERA Enterprise Solution
A fully integrated suite of enterprise hotel software solutions consisting of modules that can be easily added or expanded allowing effective and easy deployment from smaller independent single and multi-property operations to global, multi-branded hotel chain environments
A true enterprise POS product that delivers superior architecture, scalability, resiliency, integration, and flexible deployment options to meet any business need
MICROS continuously evaluates all facets of its hardware beginning with manufacturing to packaging and shipping and as specific as the way materials are disposed of to ensure that each step of the process impacts the environment as minimally as possible. MICROS adheres to strict guidelines during the development of its hardware; the equipment is designed and developed with sustainability in mind. From the light weight equipment to the reduced inclusion of toxic materials resulting in the improved ability to recycle and reuse, MICROS is committed to further the company¿s efforts at becoming a sustainable company and reducing its carbon footprint.
The Hard Facts
-       MICROS was the first company in the industry to manufacture a CE. NET device
-       MICROS Workstation 4, 4LX, and 5 are disk-less and operate without a fan
-       This requires less than half of the energy of typical PC-based devices
-       Power costs can be reduced by 50%!
-       Environmentally friendly and safe raw materials are used in the production of MICROS hardware
-       Certain hazardous substances are restricted in the manufacturing
-       Less toxic materials allows for a greater likelihood that material can be re-used
-       All hardware that MICROS ships is RoHS compliant
-       Most hardware is China RoHS validated
Light-weight Hardware
-       Fewer materials are required to create the hardware
-       Less fuel is necessary to produce the packaging that protects the materials during transit
-       Less packaging materials are needed and less fuel is used to transport
-       Disposing of the smaller equipment is less harmful
Emphasis on Packaging Materials
-       Minimum amount necessary to ship the equipment is used
-       Eliminates the needless waste of supplies
-       Recyclable materials are selected when possible
-       All packaging materials are reused when feasible
As a corporation, MICROS realizes that every effort, no matter the size, has the potential to have great impact when it comes to preserving the environment. MICROS has taken many steps to become a more socially responsible company in regards to reducing the carbon footprint it leaves.
Reduction of Paper Waste
-       Halted mass printing of collateral and reports, making all documents available electronically for public viewing
-       Established a recycling program
-       eFax accounts are used to decrease hardware and paper consumption by allowing employees to filter which incoming faxes are printed
-       Offices memos are sent electronically
Power Saving
-       Internal Network is programmed to force company computers into a ¿sleep¿ or power-saving mode after 15 minutes of inactivity
-       Photo-copy machines also enter energy saving mode when not in use for an extended period of time
-       Lights are turned off overnight and employees are encouraged to shut down their computers


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