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POS Replacement & Equipment Repairs

You can count on QRS to ensure the fastest POS replacement solutions and equipment repairs. We know that broken equipment means lost money, and we are committed to ensuring that you lose as little money as possible.

Advance Exchange/Spare In The Air Depot Program

Through our Advance Exchange/Spare In The Air Depot Program (SITA), we maintain a spare pool of equipment tailored to your specific POS needs. When you have a hardware failure at one of your locations, we ship a completely refurbished replacement unit via next-day air to your site with UPS the same day. We also issue a call tag for your defective unit, and UPS automatically arrives at your site to pick up the unit. Your defective unit is repaired, refurbished, tested, and added back to your spare pool of equipment, and you get the POS replacement you need to keep working.

Send email to depot@qrs1.com to fulfill your request.