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POS & Printer Repair

QRS is an authorized Micros repair service provider, and we maintain one of only two authorized repair depots in the country. If you're looking for express repair services for your Micros hardware, we can meet your needs. Our factory-trained staff ensures all Micros repair services are done to factory specifications. In addition to the necessary repairs, all equipment is tested, cleaned, and diagnostically evaluated. When it is returned to you, it looks just like a new terminal. We also guarantee a 2-5 day turnaround once we receive the equipment. 

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QRS is an Epson Certified service center, and we provide sales and service of Epson printers, as well as new point of sale systems. All of our customers over the years have known they can turn to us for timely, cost-effective repair and support solutions for their Epson POS products. Whether it's in-warranty, out-of-warranty, product support, equipment diagnostics, or replacement parts, we can help you. Our team of Epson-trained technicians can refurbish or repair all models from TMT88 to the larger TMH6000 series.



We repair workstation 610 motherboards! If they won’t start, send them to us. We have a very high repair success rate at a reasonable price!

We work with touch screens, Micros boards, and all of their components to help you keep your equipment running. Whether you're a restaurant, quick service establishment, hotel, casino, or other hospitality business, we can help you. Let us provide your service and repair needs for any Micros POS hardware, and we'll get the job done efficiently.

POS Repair

For more than 20 years, we've worked nationwide to deliver POS repair solutions from our trusted repair center. We specialize in a full range of repairs, including circuit boards, surface mounts, power supplies, and printer repairs on most leading POS systems and peripherals.

Our comprehensive repair program ensures the best results with every service. Each unit sent to the repair center undergoes an extensive diagnostic process to isolate weak and defective components. Factory-trained techs follow precise procedures and use genuine factory parts in every repair, and each piece is refurbished to grade A condition then paired with our own 90-day warranty before being returned. The standard service includes replacing the failed component, as well as cleaning all other components, replacing worn parts, and testing the equipment to ensure proper function. We are a certified Epson Customer Care and Warranty Repair Center and an authorized repair center for Micros. We deliver:


Send us your defective unit, and we will repair the unit within 3-5 business days at a predetermined flat rate price and ship it back to you. This can help you save money while still getting fast results for your equipment repairs.


Send us your defective unit for repair, and we will repair the unit within 3-5 business days and return it to you. You will pay for labor, parts, and all freight.


With this option, you'll send us your defective unit. Upon receipt, we'll repair the unit within 24 hours and return it, and you'll pay for labor, parts, freight, and an expediter fee.

  • Free Estimates
  • Programs Easily Tailored To Meet Customer
  • Requirements
  • Component Level Repairs
  • Factory Parts
  • 99% Repair Rate
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • Custom Packaging To Ensure Safe Shipping
  • 90-Day Warranty On All Repair Work


  • Workstation 6
  • Workstation 5/5A
  • Workstation 4/4LX
  • Workstation 2015
  • Workstation 2010
  • Workstation KW270
  • Workstation 2700
  • M-Tablet


  • KP 3000/4000 Bump Bar
  • MBB-10/MBB-20 Bump Bar
  • KDS Controllers
  • WS 5/5A Power Supplies
  • WS 4/4LX Power Supplies
  • WS 2015 Power Supplies
  • WS 2010 Power Supplies
  • WS 2700 Power Supplies
  • RCC
  • Net CC
  • BOC
  • Optrex Display 2700
  • WS 2010 Display
  • Pole Display’s
  • Card Readers
  • Cash Drawers
  • WS 5/5A LCD/LED Displays


  • Workstation 6
  • Workstation 5/5A
  • Workstation 4/4LX
  • Workstation 2015
  • Workstation 2010
  • Workstation KW270
  • Workstation 2700
  • TMU200 Main Board
  • TMU220 Main Board
  • TMU230 Main Board
  • TMT88 Printer Board
  • TMH6000 Main Board
  • TMU295 Main Board
  • TMU325 Main Board
  • TMU675 Main Board
  • TMT90 Main Board
  • IDN Interface Board
  • Serial Interface Board
  • Ethernet Interface Board


  • Epson TMU200
  • Epson TMU220
  • Epson TMT88
  • Epson H6000
  • Epson TMU295
  • Epson TMU325
  • Epson TM90
  • Epson TM675
  • Epson L90
  • Epson T20
  • Epson T70


  • Datalogic 8200
  • Datalogic 8400
  • Datalogic 8500
  • Symbol DS9208
  • Symbol DS9080



In addition to fast repairs, we also carry a full line of used and refurbished Micros POS solutions. Choose us for value and availability and enjoy access to quality refurbished Micros POS equipment, including the latest features, upgrades, parts, and repair. We also buy Micros equipment every day, so contact us if you have something you'd like to sell.


Epson is one of the leading suppliers of advanced POS technology. Companies in retail, banking, hospitality, and supermarkets trust them to deliver solutions they can count on. QRS is your full-service partner for any restaurant POS solution. With decades of experience supporting hospitality clients, we understand that training and support are crucial. We offer the finest technology, so you get the features and benefits you need to make the most of your POS system.

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