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QRS-Connect devices

iot sensors

Quality Restaurant Solutions is proud to be bringing on a top notch line of sensors to help you pay attention to the small details in your business.  Each sensor reports back to an QRS-Connect app that will alert you if its readings fall outside a pre-set range.

 Easy to deploy.  Scan the hardware, Install the hardware, and Start Monitoring!

  • Food Loss Prevention
  • Recieve Automated Email Summary Insights on Each Device
  • Get Restaurant Business Insights From Anywhere

Temperature Sensor

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

· Automatically records temperature for your walk-in cooler or freezer

· Receive an alert if temperature/humidity exceed your preset range. 

· 2400 mAH battery lasts an expected 10 years

· Range: -40 C—+80 C

Leak Sensor

Leak Detector

· Can sense as little as 3 drops of water

· 15 year battery life

· Detects freezing temperatures

· 1000’ wireless range to internet access point

· Vibration sensor enables tamper protection

People Counter

People Counter Sensors

· Battery powered sensors counts people crossing a horizontal line

· Count values are registered for people entering and leaving

· 2 AA batteries power the sensors for approximately 1 year

· Easily installed at any doorway or threshold

· Maximum width of 8 meters between sensor sender and receiver


Air Ambience Sensor

· Integrated multiple sensors: temperature, humidity, light, air quality

· Powered by 2 AA batteries with expected 1 year battery life

· Sensor data is transmitted in real time and accessible via the app

4g wireless Failover

All Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have an average downtime of 14 hours per year.  The QRS-Connect 4g Failover Solutions provides backup to your POS system, or entire entity.

Our router lies between your primary internet connection and your mission critical systems to ensure an always-connected solution.

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Connect 4g (2)